Cloud Transformation

 There are so many cloud applications in the market to run an enterprise entirely on cloud. However it is good idea to start with small steps and moving more applications to the cloud. 

How can we help you?

Averest Inc is specialized in Cloud Solutions. We have talent, expertise, passion and perfection across leading cloud platforms. Below are some of our offerings around Cloud Transformation. 

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Averest Inc has deep expertise with Cloud. We can help you to assess and build a strategy for successful Cloud journey. Our approach is treating each organization as unique. We deep dive in to your present applications, infrastructure, capabilities etc and develop a cloud strategy 


Averest Inc can help for a successful implementation for the targeted applications. We have expertise from concept to completion. 

Operating Strategy

Cloud applications reduce lot of nightmares by taking out Infrastructure/Software management and upgrades from the operating landscape.
However IT departments still need a solid blueprint for better management of cloud applications to support business processes as well compliance. Averest Inc can help developing an operating model both at corporate level and application level.